MikroTik: URGENT security advisory

From MikroTik:

It has come to our attention that a rogue botnet is currently scanning random public IP addresses to find open Winbox (8291) and WWW (80) ports, to exploit a vulnerability in the RouterOS www server that was patched more than a year ago (in RouterOS v6.38.5, March 2017).

Since all RouterOS devices offer free upgrades with just two clicks, we urge you to upgrade your devices with the “Check for updates” button, if you haven’t done so within the last year.

More information can be found HERE

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Common Error with Simple Queues in MikroTik RouterOS

Simple Queues don’t work properly…

I have heard this more than once, my MikroTik RouterOS Simple Queues don’t work properly.  In a simple queue, “target” option is the only option that determines the flow direction of a simple queue.  Since the default value is, leaving it at that value creates an issue.

  • If a target is not specified (is, all traffic will be captured in the download part of the queue,
    as everything is download for
  • This means the queue will not deliver the amount of bandwidth you are expecting.
  • Using the “dst” option is only an additional filter, it doesn’t determine the direction.

I did some tests using different values for target.  First, the incorrect target of Notice this is a 3Mx3M queue and we aren’t getting even close to that on download:

Now, I changed the target to the IP of the test workstation. As you can see the queue operates as expected now, about 3Mx3M.

Finally  I changed the target to the interface.  Same result, 3Mx3M:

Set that target, don’t accept and your MikroTik simple queues will work as expected.




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ISP SUPPLIES AND TP-LINK Event Coming Soon in Houston

I am excited to announce that we at ISP are partnering with Tp-Link to offer a free technical training event for networking professionals Friday, May 12, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at The Greer & Lowdermilk Conference Center at 4225 Interwood North Pkwy, Houston, TX 77032. Each attendee will receive a complimentary wireless product from Tp-Link.  More info here https://events.ispsupplies.com

The trainers will be Chris Shipman and Sean Montgomery from TP-Link.  Both are 25 year veterans in high tech fields.

Sean’s background is primarily large scale deployments and working with US and Canadian Service Providers on very large new technology roll outs both in wired and wireless technologies.  

Chris is an expert in the design, development and delivery of advanced technologies to meet enterprises, education, military and government customer demands.  His areas of expertise include wireless, switching, routing, and security.  

The topics covered will be:

  1. A snap shot of TP-Link portfolio
  2. A quick intro into new CAP line up
  3. TP-Link EAP controller setup
  4. EAP discovery process and mgmt. process
  5. Simple Wireless portal setup
  6. Controller tips and tricks (best practices)

We have done several lunch and learn type events in the past but this one will be the largest and the best so everyone here is really excited.  The free TP-Link AP we are giving each participant is also pretty cool.  Come lunch and learn with us!

I hope to see you there.  Hit me back if you need more info.


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