How to get your FCC 3.65 license

The process of getting a FCC license for 3.65 can be daunting. In addition, there isn’t much information out there about how to register sites using gear that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. In particular, I am speaking of Ubiquiti 3.65 or Ubiquiti + MikroTik 3.65 GHz products.

I posted a link HERE to get you to the HowTo. I hope this helps you in your process!

Mikrotik RouterOS version 5.12 released

I have been waiting for 5.12 because of an issue I found with SafeMode. It isn’t mentioned so I hope it is in there. The issue is when you use the winbox SafeMode button, changes to firewall rule order like putting your drop rule on top, always a bad idea, do not get released for 20 minutes and then finally roll back. That’s just long enough to give up and drive to the tower in the middle of the night rather than wait it out…

What’s new in 5.12 (2012-Jan-19 14:31):

*) console – allow to specify blank interval on x86 screens;
*) console – changed ‘password’ command, now can be used from scripts and api;
*) winbox – reorganized window layout to match console better;
*) ssh – fixed interoperability problem with psftp based clients;
*) implemented simple SMB (windows file sharing) server;
*) fixed ovpn-client – client stopped working if it was enabled/disabled at wrong time;
*) fixed ipv6 – ipv6 neighbor discovery stopped working when
interface arp setting wasn’t set to enabled;
*) console – minor fixes and improvements;
*) console – added support for compact export;
*) hotspot – added login redirect through http status 302;
*) leds – added default configuration for R5SHPn wireless card;
*) ppp – fixed problem were remote-ipv6-prefix was not given to user if remote-ipv6-pool was
*) winbox, webfig – sort ethernet interfaces properly when more than 10 exist;
*) added QuickSet to RBSXT, RB411, RB711;
*) user manager – command to create and assign user profile from console;
*) added support for LTE modems (cdc ethernet type);
*) fix gre tunnels on x86 and other little endian machines;

Ubiquiti AirVision Arrives

I finally got around to looking at the new AirVision software from Ubiquiti that is the companion product for the Ubiquiti AirCam. I have to say it is really nice. Everything is done through a web browser without silly Active-X controls so us Mac users are happy.

I created a quick Visio drawing and added our office cameras to it quick and easy using their drag and drop. I definitely recommend both Ubiquiti AirCam and Ubiquiti AirVision.
We received a large shipment of AirCams last week and every one flew out the door. We expect more next week at