Rack Mount Any Ubiquiti ToughSwitch or airVision NVR or…

Old news again, right? But, what if one rack mount could handle a ToughSwitch-8, ToughSwitch-5, airVision-C NVR, ERLite-3, ERPoE-5, or TS-5-POE or any combination of those? Great idea right? Well, we thought so too so here it is. Buy the base adapter and add an adapter plate for any Ubiquiti desktop device and you have another killer combo. These rack mounts and adapters are available now and the adapters will be available on the web site beginning the week of June 16th. Need them now? Email [email protected] for a quote.
Rack Mount With Two TS-8’s

Rack Mount With One TS-8

Rack Mount with airVision-C and TS-8

I Can Guarantee You Have Never Seen These Products Before

Truthfully, with the exception of the hard-to-find NB-5G25’s we have in stock, I can make that statement with assurance because we just thought them up! Over the next few days, I will be posting information about some new products at ISP Supplies we have developed working with our partners at KamFab.

We have always tried to create innovative products that solve the unique problems we encounter as WISP’s but this time I think we have outdone ourselves. I hope you will take the time to check back every few days as I post a new item. Today, I will start us off with the first cool new product.

MikroTik Radio + Ubiquiti Antenna
That’s a tried and true solution. Use any Ubiquiti sector antenna, combine it with a MikroTik integrated radio/motherboard inside one of our OE-411S cases, add a WaveGuard shield and you have a killer combo. But wait, there is more! Now, we can protect the fragile little pigtails from the environment with our WaveGuard WG-Pigtail cover and you have the ultimate combo.



MikroTik Cloud Core Router performance upgrade

The Cloud Core Router series are MT’s most powerful routers, because they are built using the specialized Tilera networking CPUs that allow us to give you never before seen speeds at very competitive prices. MikroTik has eight CCR models available, with three different CPU types: 9 core, 16 core and 36 core.
With every RouterOS upgrade, we add new optimizations for the CCR product family, and speed is increased. It’s almost like getting a free hardware upgrade with a simple click. For example in RouterOS v6.8 we improved the PPP performance for CCR products. The Cloud Core Routers also have hardware IPsec encryption.
The CCR1036 with latest RouterOS releases can handle huge network loads:
• up to 30 000 unencrypted or 7 200 encrypted L2TP tunnel requests per minute
• up to 16 000 unencrypted or 4 500 encrypted PPPoE tunnel requests per minute
• up to 3 000 unencrypted or 1 000 encrypted PPTP tunnel requests per minute