ISP Supplies is now an RF elements direct distributor

RF elements manufactures specialized wireless antennas and accessories compatible with several different wireless boards and radios, but the majority of their products are for MikroTik RouterBOARDS. RF elements products are all innovative and uniquely designed to fill gaps and solve problems experienced by WISP’s and integrators alike.  As a stocking distributor, you can now skip the hassle and get these products direct from ISP Supplies.
Here are some of RF elements unique and innovative products, available for pre-order now at ISP Supplies:

StationBox InSpot
New from RF elements, this indoor case houses a MikroTik RouterBoard in a stylish “smoke detector” style case with provision for MiMo antennas. The StationBox InSpot is an indoor enclosure designed for building wireless hotspots. The StationBox InSpot directly supports MikroTik RouterBoard RB912, RB711 and RB411, and also accommodates integrated RB751s and RB951s. InSpot enables installation on a wall or on a ceiling tile.

StationBox ALU
Finally, an IP65 rated outdoor enclosure for wireless platforms and access points. Cast aluminium construction is covered with UV resistant paint and offers excellent weather resistance and improved RF noise protection. Inner mounting plate is made of ABS and has premolded holes for installation of most used wireless platforms as MikroTik, Alix or TP-link. Other devices of choice can be installed as well.

StationBox S
Housing a RB411 or 711 board, these sleek cases snap directly to a Ubiquiti Rocket antenna or an RF elements sector giving you great versatility! The combination of MikroTik RouterOS power with low cost, high peformance Ubiquiti antennas is unbeatable. Add Waveguard and your link or sector is rock solid.  This box features 2X2 MiMo, and snap together design.  “S” for speed, “S” for snap together design, this box is fast!

MIMO 2/5-120
RF elements MiMo Sector Antennas demonstrate a new standard in compatibility, price/performance, ease of use and environmental resistance.  Antennas are equipped with quick mounting system compatible with RF elements StationBox S, and MikroTik Routerboard technology.  Antennas are designed to fullfill both functional and esthetic criteria. Antenna has smooth curves and almost organic shape. Light, high-performance, easy on the eye and durable, these low cost sectors are great.

ISP Supplies is MikroTik, Ubiquiti and SAF Certified. We have conducted training for the US Department of Justice, Level(3) Communications, the Smithsonian Institute, John Deere, CenturyLink and many others. Trust us with your network.

RF elements Product Videos

StationBox ALU                                                       NanoBracket SEXTANT

MikroTik Training in Columbus

I began the first day of MikroTik MTCNA class today at the Downtown Technology Center in Columbus, Ohio.  Class size is great and everyone is eager to learn. So far we have covered basic subnetting and the lab setup and are now enjoying pizza courtesy of Brescoe Broadband, the class sponsor.  The Downtown Technology Center is nice, well laid out and their training room is perfect.    Columbus is the typical large city with tons of burbs outside the city, and a German Town area I would like to explore.  Time to head back to class.  More later…