5G HP MiMO – MikroTik 5.8Ghz Access Point for Ubiquiti Antennas

But wait. there’s more! Our newly redesigned outdoor enclosure materializes all of the suggestions you have made over the years about this product. The most versatile outdoor enclosure for the MikroTik RouterBOARD 411, 711, 911 and 912 series boards, this new design is all aluminum with WaveGuard’s WaveBlock technology built in and features all stainless steel hardware. New 100% silicone gasket that is seamlessly molded for maximum compression and UV proof makes sure that it will never degrade and never leak. New antenna knockouts features two N-type’s and RJ45 pass-through on the bottom and one N-type and four SMA’s on the top. I really like this little enclosure.  The best part is, unlike other vendors, we don’t make you buy the box, board, pigtails, etc. as a complete kit. You can do that mind you, but if you just want the box, we will sell it to you by itself.

Enclosure Features:

  • All Aluminum
  • WaveBlock Technology
  • No Rivets
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • New Delta Series Mounting
  • Lid Lanyard
  • New Antenna Knockouts

Weatherproof Gasket:

  • 100% Silicone
  • Formulated for Maximum Compression Set
  • UV & Ozone Proof
  • Seamlessly Molded

Here’s a few photos. We have the in stock at ISP Supplies.

MikroTik oe411-1-600MikroTik  oe411-3-600 MikroTik  oe411-2-600

MikroTik oe-411s-6 oe-411s-5 oe-411s-4

Ubiquiti World Conference 2013 Las Vegas, Announces Revolutionary Products

That was the teaser that got so many people out to Vegas for the World Conference and the WISPAPalooza conference.  I was personally unable to attend but instead sent two of my most trusted employees, Brad Smith and Logan Helms to endure a week of street vendors handing out their cards…you know what I mean.  Now, down to business…

So, what was the “Revolution” Ubiquiti promised us? Well, for me the details are still a bit vague because I wasn’t there actually, not bitter mind you…but here is what I know so far and I will supplement when I get some better, more accurate information.

First, there were some new products released:

New NanoBeam M

The new NanoBeam M has a compact, all-in-one design with uniform beam width, efficient footprint and a faster processor. The NanoBeam can be easily mounted in a variety of ways thanks to the innovative mechanical design.

airFIBER 5

Yes, you heard that right, a 5 GHz version of the airFIBER, previously available in 24 GHz frequencies.  Operating in the 5GHz band, airFiber 5 builds on the innovations in airFiber 24 to enable speeds up to 1Gbps and introduces new eXtended Range Technology (xRT) to provide 100+Km maximum range.

New EdgeRouter / EdgeRouter Pro

The latest addition to the EdgeMAX family, the EdgeRouter provides higher performance (over 2M packets per second), hardware switching and powerful EdgeOS software. The EdgeRouter is rack mountable and has 8 ethernet ports (EdgeRouter) or 6 Ethernet ports and 2 SFP ports (EdgeRouter Pro).

That’s it for the new products although someone said something about an airCAM with night vision but I am still digging into that.


Ubiquiti has always had the edge on the competition in the area of marketing, but now I understand they are going to move some of those dollars to the far edge of the network and partner with WISP’s like you to sell customers on your internet service provided over Ubiquiti Powered networks. That is truly revolutionary and at an important time while Cambium is rolling out their low cost, GPS Synced platform aimed squarely at Ubiquiti’s market.  Again, more details when they become available.

Bottom line, this is an exciting time to be in wireless and to be a WISP and I can’t wait to see where this goes!