Samaritans Purse

My blogs have always been technical in nature. I see challenges faced by our customers and try to solve them using the products and technologies I know through my experience. This one is going to be very different!

For several years, I have had a relationship with an organization in North Carolina, Samaritan’s Purse. I have trained many of their technical staff in Boone, North Carolina, at my public training events and in their North Wilkesboro locations. The experience with this group has always been top notch. These guys and gals are dedicated to their jobs, and their attitudes are admirable, but more importantly, they all have a dedication to their God that influences everything they do.

This week I was fortunate enough to do yet another training at SP in North WIlkesboro. THis one was a bit different because I had the opportunity to tour their North American facility in which they have condensed other parts of their operation into one huge facility, a warehouse and office that feeds their resources into every corner of the world where they provide relief to those affected by natural disasters. This year they expanded their reach into the lives of our heroes, our warriors through Operation Heal our Patriots. What a great way to leverage the beauty of Alaska, by inviting our warriors up for a one week experience in the shadow of Denali, wives and husbands together experiencing nature, hearing the gospel, renewing their marriages and healing their wounds.

So many missions, and so many resources at their disposal, I was impressed with everything happening at SP. I took a ton of photos and watched many of their videos that describe and document the work they do. I wanted to share a few with you HERE.

If you want to learn more about Samaritan’s Purse or to make a donation, visit them HERE. To see a ton of videos documenting what they do, visit HERE. To see the photos I took, click HERE.