RF Elements Simper Radio Antennas

In a surprise announcement yesterday at the WISPA Wispalooza in Las Vegas, RF Elements, one of my favorite manufacturers made a game changing announcement about their new product line, the RF Elements Simper.  The name is a shortened version of “Simply Perfect Radio” and is a bit hard for me to say, but the idea is fantastic.  Again, not yet a huge fan of the name, sorry JT.  I think it will grow on me though.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few, then we will discuss. Click on each to enlarge.

RFElementsSimper1 RFElementsSimper2 RFElementsSimper3 RFElementsSimper4


In summary, this is a new product line that centers around the top three WISP radios on the market: MikroTik, Ubiquiti and Cambium.  The premise of the system is that we standardize the RF connection between the radio and the antenna by using a new design that eliminates coaxial cables and replaces them with a no-loss waveguide, just like the licensed links have always used.  With a single twist lock mount, we can create numerous antenna designs that will work with any manufacturer’s radio for which we have a suitable enclosure or adapter.  It’s simplicity mated with maximum performance and reduced loss.  Like everything RFE does, the cases will be molded, ergonomic, clean, waterproof and thoughtfully designed.

Here are some of the many features they are touting:


The connection with antennas via original TwistPort connector is virtually lossless.


Simper is highly scalable concept of simplistic radios combined with wide range of antennas.


Deployment of Simper radio is a simple “twist and snap” to an antenna.


Simper comes in multiple models running different OS. No need to migrate to new wireless platform.


Simper is compact and essentially simple product delivering the best wireless performance.

Cost Effective

Simper is the best cost performing wireless networking product today.

The New Approach

Simper unveils new concept of highly scalable wireless equipment.
Simper is the perfect match to growing requirements on performance, versatility and cost effectivity.

TwistPort Connector

Simper radios feature TwistPort Connector, our original quick-locking waveguide port. Connection and disconnection is brilliantly simple and can be done with one hand. TwistPort is the key feature to Simper scalability and performance.


TwistPort Connector is virtually lossless. There are no traditional RF connectors or RF cables, that cause signal loss. TwistPort compatible antenna products include Symmetrical Sectors and UltraDish TP Antennas.


When Using TwistPort Connector, deployment of Simper radio is a simple “twist and snap” to an antenna.

Simper Radio Adaptors

Simper Radio Adaptor make traditional connectorized radios compatible with TwistLock. Integration is simple, intuitive and requires no tools.
Adaptors will mate with most popular connectorized radios as UBNT Rocket M5, UBNT Rocket 5ac and Cambium Networks ePMP1000 connectorized radios.

What is Symmetrical Sector?

Symmetrical Sector antennas have symmetrical beam pattern in both horizontal and vertical panes.
The beam pattern does not vary with frequency, and antenna gain is balanced over wide frequency range.
Symmetrical Horn antennas are low loss and have attenuated side radiation lobes. These features make them excellent for use as Sector antennas.



Symmetrical Sectors cover more area than traditional Sectors with narrow vertical beamwidth.


Symmetrical Sectors have no issues with connecting close clients.


As a result of very low sidelobes of horn antennas, Symmetrical Sectors are ideal for cluster deployments and co-location.


Connecting Simper Radios to Sector Antennas is a simple “twist and snap”.


Symmetrical Sector antennas are compact and easy to mount virtually anywhere


Made of the best weather resistant materials as aluminium, plastic and st. steel.

That’s a lot of benefits and features and you can read more HERE.  We have already placed our stocking order as a RF Elements Master Distributor and I will notify you when they are here.  Get ready, I promise this innovation will change the  WISP game.