MikroTik RB1100 Alternative

With the success of the RouterBoard 1100 (1U rack mounted) router, supplies in the distribution channel have dwindled. In addition, RB1000’s are no longer being produced so VAR’s and integrators are scrambling to find a solution for installations requiring rack mounted routing gear. ISP Supplies now has available rack mounted 493AH’s in a convenient 1U case. Although not as powerful as it’s RB1100 cousin or nearly as well stocked with ports, the 493AH 1 U provides an alternative for applications requiring immediate availability.

Ubiquity NanoBridges Rock!

Wow, that’s my best description for this great new product. The Ubiquiti NanoBridge-5G22 is the coolest, feature rish, high performance product I have seen at this price point in quite some time. Need 100 megs on a 5 mile hop? Got a slim budget? If either or both of these is true this is your product. With a total price of $160 for both ends of the hop, this guy is awesome! Try one today, we have these and other Ubiquiti in stock at ISP Supplies.

We also stock MikroTik, Comet and RedLine to name a few.