Improved Ubiquiti airVision Camera Mount

Th problem is simple: High winds + Ubiquiti airVision airCam cameras = shaky video or sometimes worse!

Ubiquiti airCam Photo

What’s that a picture of you ask?  Same thing I thought when I went to view one of the test cameras we had mounted at our cabin in Estes Park, Colorado.  There the winds routinely reach 75 miles per hour with gusts over a hundred.  At 7500 feet of elevation and just across the continental divide, this area next to Giant Track mountain is affectionately called the wind tunnel and the simple plastic mounts that came with the Ubiquiti airCam could not handle it.

Fortunately, RF Elements has a solution, the AbraCam mount.  This mount is constructed of cast aluminum and all weather plastic.  Other features include:

  • Seamless Camera Positioning using Ball Hinge
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Improved Picture Stability
  • Outdoor or Indoor Use
  • Wall or Pole Mounting
  • Cast Aluminum Bracket

Here is the Abracam mount in action:

RF Elements Abracam2 RF Elements Abracam

This mount is easier to use, looks more professional and should outlast the camera itself.  We have some on order and they should be in stock soon at ISP Supplies.  Reserve yours today HERE.