RouterOS Version 5.2 Released

What’s new in RouterOS 5.2 (2011-Apr-26 16:09):

*) fixed webfig;
*) console – fixed problem with supout file generation and export that
appeared in version 5.1, it was causing console to enter busy loop
on some boards;
*) ssh client – added source address and remote command options;
*) user manager – added /tool usermanager profile;
*) route – fixed problem with missing connected routes;
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MikroTik RouterOS Version 5.1 Released

What’s new in 5.1 (2011-Apr-08 12:55):
*) ipsec – fix SA lifetime display when timezone offset does not equal 0;
*) ipsec – now default DPD interval is 2 min for new configurations;
*) webfig – make bandwidth-test work;
*) fixed problem – wireless package got disabled after upgrading from v4;
*) sstp – fix problems on multicore systems;
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