Improved Ubiquiti airCam Mount From RFElements

If you have ever used Ubiquiti airCams, you know how powerful they are and how the low price point makes them perfect for almost any security application.  One area where we have seen some weakness is the mounting system.  I wrote about this briefly last month but now that we have these in stock and not just the prototypes, I thought it worth rehashing.
Although it fully articulates, the stock mount is not very strong and in high wind conditions, the camera will move causing false motion detection.

RFElements has a new product, the AbraCam Mount which makes these cameras extremely stable in outdoor environments.

The mounts come in three designs, all less than $15 each and they turn these powerful, low cost cameras into high end, professional looking and performing devices. As a test, I took 4 and installed them in Colorado in an area in the mountains that regularly experiences mountain winds coming off the continental Divide in excess of 100 mph.  The site was really getting weary from tons of false motion detects as the airCams swayed in the wind.  The results of the new mounts were great, no more false positives at all.  The cameras are rock stead and easy to adjust.  This is a hot product so come and get some before the first shipment disappears.